Wednesday – Sunday

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Every Sunday morning, our students gather in the student center at the 9:30 service for worship and group discussions broken down by junior and senior high.

The purpose of Sunday mornings for us will always be a touch point for new students visiting with families and a safe place for students who are not in the main service or who are not serving.

These services are more conversation based and allow students and leaders to verbally process deeper topics than on a Wednesday. Sunday mornings will never be a huge service for us because we do encourage students to worship with their families in the main sanctuary or serve the church in some capacity.


Every week, Transfer hosts a “celebration service” for students to come together for this purpose: to worship, engage with a message, pray with leaders, and have fun with peers. These nights are large, high energy, and service oriented. If parents attend CLC, they can associate a Wednesday night at Transfer like they would a Sunday morning service for themselves. Most adults do not make deep, personal friendships on a Sunday morning in service. Instead, the purpose of our Wednesday nights are to gather together as a group of young people to worship and learn about our Savior. Relevant topics are discussed from the stage, but the emphasis on a Wednesday night is not one on one conversation with students.