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Circles are Transfer’s small groups. These small groups meet to begin the process of discipleship. These groups meet at least 3 times a month during each semester – once on a Wednesday night in service and twice on a Sunday evening in a host home. Each group is based on grade level. We encourage the host homes and the leaders who facilitate these groups to make these Circles the best time possible. These groups always include food, prayer, and center on students processing where they are in their faith. Leaders are provided with topics, questions, and passages of scripture to discuss. These times are where deep friendships can be made, honest conversations can be had, and the discipleship process can begin. Jeanne Mayo says, “If the youth group fails the friendliness test, it fails.” 

If a student has trouble connecting with a large Wednesday crowd, I always encourage parents to start their student in a Circle to build relationships with other students and leaders. Our leaders who facilitate these groups are not to preach in these meetings – they merely help the flow of conversation.


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Dates: All circles on the same day, same time: Sunday’s from 6:00-7:30pm
August 25, Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 6, Oct 22

Curriculum: Will match the series that we are currently in at Transfer

Suggested Flow: If your circle begins at 6, you should be there between 5:30-5:45. Offer to serve the host of your circle by helping to set out snack and setting up the meeting space. As your students arrive, have upbeat music already playing or funny (clean) videos on youtube. Spend the first 15-30 minutes having a snack, playing games, doing something active (play outside, play suggested game). Move into a time of worship via youtube where you have a song or two already picked out – lyric videos work best. Maybe ask your circle if they have a current fav from transfer! After worship, transition to the conversation based on the questions provided. Allow time for students to ask questions and process out loud. Rabbit trails aren’t always bad – the questions are merely suggestions to get conversation moving. If you still have time, end by doing something fun again. Create little traditions for your circle – how you pray, how you end each circle, how you greet students as they arrive. Dismiss on time and stay with the last student and help clean up for the night – thank the host!!